Laughing at Hills

Out for an 18km run the other day and was really proud of myself for getting to the top of a very bug hill. As I looked ahead to see what was next, I saw a hill before me that was so steep, it appeared vertical.

All I could do was laugh.

Why was I laughing? Because surely there was no way I could climb that hill. It was laughable to even think it an option. It was too steep. It was too high. It was impossible. It seemed so ridiculous that I would even consider it, that I laughed out loud. And I laughed hard.


I had climbed this hill before. So what was stopping me?

I ran down the hill I was on, and got a good run-up. I managed to run all the way to the top of that unsurmountable hill.

Was I superwoman? No.

But it made me realise, that sometimes when something seems ridiculous, or impossible, all you have to do is get yourself a little closer to it, and you might realise it isn’t as impossible as it first seemed. Yet another life lesson learnt from running.

And I also learned that there’s nothing wrong with laughing at hills.

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