New Year = New Goals

So while many people make New Year a time for setting resolutions, some of us prefer to make goals. I like to reflect on last years’ goals, see how I fared, and use that knowledge to set my new goals.

Reflections on my 2014 goals
For 2014, my running goals were to run the Summit to Sea (18km), then progress to a half marathon by October.

I completed the Summit to Sea which was a great run. It is an untimed friendly run that I thoroughly enjoyed. Prior to that run, my furthest distance had been 12km, and this was a hilly trail run that opened my eyes to the fun of trail running.

My half marathon plans were right on track until I broke my toe the night before.

Overall, I’m happy with my running in 2014. I had some minor setbacks & injuries but I’ve come out the other side loving it even more than I did before.

So, what’s in store for 2015
These are my goals:
– Run 1000km total in 2015
– Finish a half marathon
– Discover some new trails
– Run more of the Heysen trail
– Run more with my kids (if they want to)
– Stay strong to prevent injuries (strength training or yoga at least twice per week)
– Learn more about nutrition (I’m still struggling with this as I find it difficult to eat enough to fuel my long runs, I don’t eat sugar most of the time so it can be hard to meet my calorie targets. I often end up eating lots of wholemeal bread which makes me feel heavy).

I’d love to hear of other people’s running, fitness or health goals for 2015. Please feel free to leave comments below.

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