Sunday afternoon 10.5km trail run

Today’s run was supposed to be 14km, but I decided to take a detour from where I had planned to run, and hit a trail near my house.

There’s a bush park about 4 km from my house, that I’d taken the dog to before, but having only done the walk up to the lookout and never having ventured further, I thought wasn’t all that good for running. 

Today I planned to run past the park onto a road I had never run before, to do some exploring, however as I set out for my run today, I realised that I had pulled the sunscreen out of the cupboard, but had forgotten to put it on. I decided that I’d need to find the shadiest run I could to avoid burning to a crisp, and the bush park provided the perfect opportunity. My expectations were blown out of the water and it turned out to be the best run I’ve had since the Summit to Sea.


A secluded lake (that I plan to bring my kids to on our next family hike), and a canopy of beautiful Grey Box Eucalypts and an understory of bracken provided the scenery, plus it was just challenging enough to keep me in the moment. I think the smile on my face in this shot says it all.


Unfortunately my pace was terrible, as I kept stopping to admire the view, and because I stopped so much, I only had time for  10.5kms instead of my planned 14km.

I think I’ve found my new favourite place to explore on my long Sunday runs!


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