2014 Summit to Sea 18.6km

Today’s event was the 2014 Summit to Sea social run organised by the South Australian Road Runners’ Club.

The map and elevation profile can be seen below.


This is the furthest I have run, and my right knee had been a bit stiff this week, so approached the race with caution, and a few nerves. The first 5km were great, I ran at the back of the pack trying to maintain a pace that I’m comfortable with, partly to keep some energy for later, but partly to see how my knee was going to cope. 20140105-201521.jpg

The next 5km I was feeling good, and started overtaking a few people who had slowed to a walk. By this point the scenery had moved into a narrow gully with a creek. The trail was narrow but exciting, and it kept a smile on my face. There were many creek crossings that slowed my pace a little, but it was fun leaping over the creek, and onto rocks.

At the 12.5km, there was an intense climb that tested my resolve. Although I had been feeling great up to that point, I felt like I wasn’t ever going to reach the top, and my legs were burning in every muscle. I refused to lose my gait, and powered to the top with a strong walk. On the way down the other side, I felt amazing, and picked up the pace in enjoyment. The thought of dipping my feet in the sea at the other end was keeping me going.

As I turned the corner at the 16km mark, my cheer squad re-energised me, although at this point, we were heading directly into an intense headwind that made it difficult to keep moving. I walked to regain my energy, but then managed to finish by running (very slowly!) the last kilometre, where my kids and husband cheered and celebrated with high 5s. It was lovely to see everyone smiling at the end, including myself. Having a dip in the ocean, despite the choppy conditions, finished it off well.


Total time: 2 hours 35 mins 07 secs

Average pace: 8 mins 19 secs per km ( a minute slower than my usual pace, but not bad considering the extra distance)

Calories burnt: 1459 kcal

Weather conditions

Temperature: 18 – 20 deg celsius

Wind speed: up to 24km/h

Wind gusts: up to 35 km/h


2 hours before start: 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter

1 hour in: 50g raisins

Immediately after: 1 orange & two homemade energy bars

Grazed for the rest of the day.


Bag & hydration: Osprey Mira 26 Women’s Hydration Pack

Shoes: Asics GT 2000

Socks: cheap Bonds socks from the supermarket (no blisters!)

Cap: old work one I’ve had for 12 years

Clothing: Lorna Jane 3/4 pants, sleeveless running top & bra.


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