Sugar free energy bars

Before tomorrow’s 18.5km run, I thought I’d do an energy bar cook-up using The Ultimate Energy Bar Formula from the No Meat Athlete.

As it’s title suggests, it’s a formula rather than a recipe, where you can mix and match your favourite ingredients.

The ingredients I chose were:
– Butter beans
– Peanut butter
– Honey
– Banana
– Cinnamon
– Oats
– Whole meal flour
– Raisins
– Coconut (shredded)

The Verdict
These energy bars were delicious. I made them chewy (easier to eat when running) although if I wanted to I could have cooked them slower & made them crunchy.

In my house, the real proof is whether or not my kids will eat them. My kids must love them as I caught both of them trying to sneak some more after I had said no more. My daughter even asked if they could be her lunchbox treat at school. That’s a real win to have her think of a sugar-free recipe as a treat.

I’m looking forward to trying more combinations.


6 thoughts on “Sugar free energy bars”

  1. Oh wow! These sound really good! I’m going to have to try them for sure – I have to wean myself off of sugar (the holidays were insane! who is going to say no to shortbread and cakes and chocolates…not me!)
    Great post!

    1. I confess to eating a bowl full of trifle and pavlova on Christmas day. I felt disgusting afterwards, even though they were both delicious. The energy bars are great. I’m going to try some new variations next weekend.

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