Running sick

So I’ve been away from my running schedule for two weeks now with a terrible cough. I decided to follow the rule,

If it’s below your shoulders, don’t run.

So I haven’t.

I’ve been spending the time doing a a bit of strength training. I treated myself to a resistance band (I’m still travelling for work) and have been working on learning to use it to help my strength.

The rest of my usual running time I’ve spent on researching what to do when I can finally start running again. This is the first break I’ve had from running since I started over a year ago so I’ve been a bit worried about what I can do. I found this great article:

Ausport – managing training after illness

It outlines a list of priorities that can be followed to get back on track.

  1. Frequency
  2. Duration
  3. Intensity.

So I’m hoping to go for a run on Thursday and my plan is:

Thursday – easy run less than 5k

Saturday – easy run less than 5k

Sunday – easy run 5k

then next week I plan to return to my usual schedule but without worrying about pace.

The article also states that it takes the same amount of time to rebuild to full fitness as the time taken off. Hopefully I’m back to my fitness within two weeks, in the meantime, back to the resistance band workout for me…

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