Events & races


Riaza Trail Challenge (Spain) – 20 km 3:47:17. Goal: to finish before the cut off time (3:30:00). Goal missed, but was very happy with the achievement of a first mountain run. See post here.


Cleland Trail Running Championships – 24.66 km 3:38:08. Goal: to finish before the cut off time (3:40:00). Goal achieved. See post here.

Bay-City – 4.5km 31:58 mins. Goal: to run with my daughter who was raising money for charity. She raised over $800 for The Smith Family. Very proud.

Dolphin Run – 10km 1:05:46. Goal was to run at a steady pace and finish strong. Goal achieved. Placed 29/40 in gender category. Happy with that. Moving up the pack. See post here.


Kuitpo Forest Trail Run – 21.6km 2:45:26 Goal: to finish (especially after some recent health issues). Goal achieved. Really happy with my time for a trail run.

McLaren Vale – 10km – 1:04:00 Goal: I was treating this as a trial run for the Kuitpo run.

Mt Crawford Challenge – 12.5km 1:26:01 Goal: under 7 min/km pace. Goal achieved (6:53 min/km).

Clare Valley Half Marathon – 21.1 km 2:30:12. Goal: to finish. Was hoping to finish under 2:45:00 so was really happy with the result! See post here.


City to Bay – 3km 24 mins. Goal: to run my 6yo daughter’s first race with her. Goal exceeded! She loved it, and it felt amazing to cross the finish line with her. See post here.

Dolphin Run – 10km 1:01:00. Goal was sub 60. Missed by 1 min.

Summit to Sea – 18.6km 2:35:00. Goal was to finish. Goal achieved.


City to Bay – 12km 1:22:00. Goal was to run start to finish, no walking. Goal achieved.


– 2017 – Ultra….?

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