Osprey Mira 26 Women’s hydration Pack

So my run commuting has so far been a triumph. I run great times (mostly because I’m worried about getting to work on time), I’m saving my bus money (to spend on more running gear) and I don’t feel guilty about spending time on my running obsession.

After my first few run-commutes I decided I needed a better backpack. What I wanted was a lightweight pack, comfortable for running with, able to be used as a general work backpack when not running, and big enough for a day pack when out with my kids. I wanted an all-round bag as I didn’t have the budget for buying a few single-purpose bags.

After a month of extensive research, I decided to buy the Osprey Mira 26.

So far, I have nothing critical to say about this pack. I have used it on runs between 5k and 12k and it hasn’t let me down yet.

What I Love
The Osprey Mira is really lightweight and easy to run with. It has a mesh panel to stop sweat reaching the bag, and easily adjusted straps, chest belt and waist belt.

For longer runs, I pop in the hydration bladder which holds 3L and is easily held in place by a magnet on the chest strap.

There are plenty of pockets, a rain cover, key clip, places for kids’ drink bottles and easily accessed pockets on the waist belt for my phone.

I can easily fit all my running gear in it on my way home, plus a laptop or iPad.

Some reviews claimed that the trekking pole looped rubbed their arm, but I haven’t had that problem.

I would strongly recommend this pack for anyone looking for a running pack. It’s made my running so much easier.

DISCLAIMER: I was not given this product or paid to review this product. I paid for this with my own money and these are my own opinions.

2016 Update

I’ve had this bag for 3 years now and still use it. Now I run longer distances, I use a Salomon hydration pack for longer distances (review to follow soon). This bag is still great for my run-commute to work twice a week. It holds usually holds my jumper (when I leave home on the 3 degree mornings and warm up as I run), water, keys and my wallet.

It’s turned out to be a great pack for going bushwalking with the kids too as I can hold plenty of water for all of us, a couple of jumpers and our lunch boxes.

It’s still comfortable to run in and great for taking as my carry-on luggage on planes. I’ve been so happy with this bag I’m thinking of getting myself an Osprey suitcase for our next adventure… but more on that in a future post.



4 thoughts on “Osprey Mira 26 Women’s hydration Pack”

  1. Short update: almost a year since I bought this bag and I still love it. I use it for so many things, travel, work, run commuting, long distance running, trail running. I haven’t had any problems so far.

  2. Thanks for reviewing this bag. I was just considering starting to run-commute and this was one of the options so it is great to hear you are getting on well with it – not just for commuting! I need to fit a change of clothes and laptop etc in it so it sounds like the 26 litre is the one to go for. Does it compress down well when it is not so full?

    1. Yes, I can easily fit my iPad, running shoes and clothes in it on my way home from work, and it compresses down very well when empty. There’s plenty of straps to pull it all in. Let me know what you end up going with.

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