Whole food binge

Whole food binge

One week away from my kids for work, and I’ve decided it’s a great opportunity to try eating better. We generally eat pretty well, but I’ve challenged myself to eat only whole foods, with minimal processing.

Okay, I know that maybe the hummus is cheating (but I can’t really live without it).

This is what I’ve bought for my cupboard this week: eggs, chia, quinoa, veggies & fruit, yoghurt, milk, beef, olive oil (for cooking) and the cheeky hummus.

I’m not going to say it has been easy. I’m getting up early to make a fritatta or omelette each morning (not enjoying the washing up!), and I’ve been a bit time-poor so have had to buy a few meals, but I’ve managed to stick to salads when I’m out.

It’s definitely worth it though! I feel fantastic, I’ve had some great runs and my skin looks amazing.

Definitely something worth trying to continue when I get home, although I don’t think my family can live without a good pasta once a week.

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