Run Commuting

Finding time for training in my hectic and unpredictable schedule has been proving difficult…until I came across the idea of run commuting. Why not save time by getting off the bus, and running the rest of the way in?

I had my first run commute last week, taking some tips from The Run Commuter. I got off the bus 5km from work, and ran the rest of the way. What a feeling to have a good run just before work! I was completely  energised for my day. I even arrived before my bus, which was still stuck in traffic. A bit frustrating was all the stopping for traffic lights, so I vowed to plan a better route next time.

My second run commute was shorter, as it was raining and I wasn’t willing to risk my iPad in my backpack. I got off the bus about 2km from work and ran the rest of the way. I actually managed my fastest average pace since I started running.

Tips for run commuting:

  • Be organised. I took a change of clothes, toiletries, a towel and my lunch into work the day before.
  • Have a good backpack. I’ve just invested in a new backpack. Post to follow.
  • Plan your route. Find a path that avoids traffic lights, and maximises scenery.
  • Enjoy. It feels great to be speeding past all the suited walkers (and leaving your bus for dust!).

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